Dan Heinfeld - President of LPA, Inc.

"We are very selective about who we entrust to document our projects and even more critical about the quality of the images that we use to show our work. Therefore, knowing that Cristian Costea has photographed numerous LPA projects and that we will continue to entrust him with our work should speak volumes on how much we appreciate his talent to capture the essence of a place or space."

Kathy Mitome - Marketing Coordinator at Carrier Johnson + Culture

"What can I say but wow, these [images] are gorgeous! I’m going to blow them up and post them all over our office today for inspiration. Stellar work! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do for our next project."

Stephanie Fox - Designer at HKS Architects

"These [images] look amazing. I love everything you’ve done ... I have complete trust in you"

Glenn Carels - Principal / CDO at LPA, Inc.

"...LPA was fortunate to recently win two AIAOC awards of merit. There were a total of 59 submittals and only 5 total awards. I wanted to thank you for all your efforts. Your photographs are amazing and played a big role in our projects getting this recognition."


David Tisherman - Principal at David Tisherman's Visuals

"[...} someone I truly admire and respect is an amazing artist: Cristian Costea of Costea Photography. I met him several years ago when he shot one of my projects, and I renewed the acquaintance when he recorded one I completed in Malibu, Calif., not long ago. In both cases, he’d been brought in by the architect – and after seeing what he achieved with those projects, I was hooked: He’s now my go-to photographer."

Melise Gerber - Marketing Coordinator at Lend Lease

"Cris, thanks for taking such remarkable photographs of our project and for being so flexible—it is the first time that I have partnered with so many people to get professional photographs, and I was really impressed with how well you managed to work with us all!"

Robert Neal - Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties

"Cristian, I am floored, the images are spectacular!"

Helena Andersson - Graphic Designer at Louis Poulsen Lighting

"We loooove your pictures here! :-) ... I have forwarded the images to my boss and of course we'd like to buy them all ...(by the way he also loves your images and was actually the one that saw them first in a magazine!)"

Jennifer Vasquez - Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications at CW Driver

"... It’s like Christmas when we get your photos. Thank you!"

Rick D'Amato - Principal / Design Director at LPA, Inc.

"There are some shots that are so amazingly beautiful and poetic, exactly what I needed! You really captured the essence of the project. Thanks again for your amazing effort!"

Barbara Lamprecht - Owner of Lamprecht ArchiTEXTural

"Dear Chris, thank you for your skilful and swift help. I am indebted. The photographs are stunning..."

Christie Rice - Project Manager at Mace North America LTD

"WOW these are great!!!!!  I will definitely keep you in mind for future work!"

Franco Brown - Associate / Design Director at LPA, Inc.

"I know that we can be very demanding at times and have asked for a lot from you, so I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile to achieve these amazing shots. They are everything we expected and more. You brought the building to life by capturing the complexity and uniqueness of its context. Great job!"

Joanne Williams - Artist

"Thank you Cris, the images are phenomenal !  I am 200 % pleased.  You 'nailed it " as they say...  I am so happy you were available so that I could have these photos."

Katie Shaw - Marketing Manager at Kyocera Corporation

"Nothing goes unnoticed, I really appreciate you going the extra length to ensure we got our shots.  I know I'm guaranteed beautiful work and this time was no exception.  Thanks again Chris for everything, it's always a pleasure working with you and your team!"

Jack Hileman - Owner of Hileman Company

"I can’t wait to see the final images.  I have a feeling you will be giving me too many great choices to choose from again… oh well, we should all have such problems! "

Kari Rene Hall - Author, Independent Movie Producer, OC Home Magazine Photo Editor

"Thank you so much for allowing us to use your beautiful photographs in our magazine. We're big fans of your work."

Pauline Chu - Creative Director at Shepherd's Grove / Hour of Power  Ministries

"In our business there is no shortage of stressful deadlines and fast paced projects. That's why it's always a pleasure working with Cristian. He is not only talented and dedicated but incredibly easy to work with."